Tips & Hints

Making the most of your session!

Congratulations!  You've reserved your photography session!  This is exciting!  I can't wait to get out there with you and capture beautiful photos of you and your loved ones.  While you wait for your appointment, the information below should be helpful.  You'll find answers to frequently asked questions, some helpful tips and even advice on what to wear.  (You know you were wondering!)    

​      Now what?  Should I be doing anything in the meantime?  
In the upcoming weeks, try to get the kids (and dad) excited about the photoshoot.  Let them know it will be fun, painless and quick.  This usually eases everyone's concerns.  We will be goofy, tell some jokes, and enjoy ourselves!  I promise!!

      What if the kids get restless during the shoot?
Not everyone will be in every photo so the session will include breaks​ and we will move at a pace comfortable for everyone, especially our littlest models.  :-)  

      Should we eat before or after the session?
Please arrive with a happy tummy.  Hunger goes a long way to derail a photo session, especially for kids, but even for adults.  Bring mess free snacks if your session will take longer than 30 minutes, just in case.  Think pretzels or crackers, not yogurt or chocolate.  

      When should we arrive?
It goes without saying, but please arrive on time, or a few minutes early.  If we can start your session at the scheduled time, we can get all the shots we need quickly.  (Kids have a special talent in making this challenging, I know!  Give yourself plenty of time and start getting ready well in advance.  The less stressed you are, the more happy and cooperative the kids are.)

      What about our clothes?
While you have some time, plan out everyone's outfit.  Make sure pants aren't too short, shirts fit, and you have all the accessories you might want.  Finding out the shoes the kids were going to wear don't fit the morning of the shoot isn't good!  ;-)  Ideally you'll have the outfits ironed, layed out, and prepped in every way the day or two before.  

​ what should I wear?
Great question!  You can always go with the classic jeans or khakis on the bottom with similar color shirts (everyone in shades of blue or brown.)  Another option is to go with coordinating outfits.  You can pick a few colors (coral and blue or pink and silver or red and black) and weave those colors into everyone's outfit.  Don't forget a few cute accessories (necklaces or hats or suspenders or ties) to spruce things up and make it fun!  Below are a few general tips to help you out.  You can also scroll through the portfolio pages if you'd like more ideas of what others have done.        

1. Wear something that makes you feel confident, comfortable and reflects YOU!  (Nothing too baggy please.  It doesn't translate well to pictures.)
2. Chose colors that look good on you.
3. Avoid too much pattern.  A little is nice on one person.  
4. Avoid shirts with words or big lettering.  
5. Make sure everyone looks equally dressy or equally casual.  As long as everyone looks like they are going to "the same event," your photos will come out great!